March 15 – 29 2023
Aparte Gallery, UNAGE Iași

Artist: Ciprian Ciuclea

The project is organized by the “George Enescu” National University of Arts Iași, the Doctoral School of Visual Arts, the Multidisciplinary Research Institute in Art from UNAGE Iași, the Contemporary Photography Center Iași

NORTH. A photography exhibition

Ciprian Ciuclea is a singular personality in the context of Romanian visual arts through his constant interest in researching the relationship between art, science and technology, as well as in the application of advanced forms of thinking from scientific knowledge in the artistic field.

The exhibition project  Intervals of an infinite line is a poetic reflection on the space of knowledge that mathematics produces starting from the physical universe. The diagrams, notations, graphs, symbolic actions made by the artist are mappings of the abstract mental space generated by the intersection between the mathematical structures realized in the artist’s mind and the surrounding reality. Reflecting on the theory of sets, Ciprian Ciuclea tries to find correspondences between groups of elements with common properties and objects in the surrounding reality. The abstract semiotic layer is placed over the image of an infinite reality. The artist’s actions documented by the camera are metaphors of the limits of rational knowledge and, according to his words, “the consistency of the mathematical universe is hidden in every fraction of infinity, in multitudes, abstractions, repetitive logical structures, in the poetry of existence”. (Matei Bejenaru)

NORTH. A photography exhibition
Images from the exhibition, Separate Gallery, UNAGE Iasi, March 2023