Friday, May 20 2016, the “Events With No Cause” exhibition curated by Lavinia German opened in two spaces in Iasi: Tonitza Gallery (part I) and Cupola Gallery (part II).

Included in the Biennial of contemporary photography and dynamic image, CAMERA PLUS, organised by the Center of Contemporary Photography in Iasi, the exhibition is presenting works of young Romanian artists who use the photographic and video medium.

The first part of the exhibition was installed in Tonitza Gallery (artists: Andrei Nacu, Mihai Nistor, Andrei Venghiac) and was available to the public on May 20, 2010, at 18.00 (until May 30, 2016, between 11.00-17.00).


The second part of the exhibition was installed in Cupola Gallery and included the following artists: Bianca Basan, Lucian Bran, Nona Inescu, Alex Maxim, Andrei Nacu, Mihai & Horațiu Șovăială, Andrei Venghiac).