Artists: Andrei Nacu, Mihai Nistor, Andrei Venghiac

Curator: Lavinia German

May 20 – 30, 2016
Opening: May 20 mai, 18:00

Galeria „Nicolae Tonitza”
7-9 Lăpușneanu st.

During the Biennial of contemporary photography and dynamic image, CAMERA PLUS, organised by the Center of Contemporary Photography in Iasi, the exhibition “Events With No Cause” curated by Lavinia German, presented works of young Romanian artists who use the photographic and video medium. The two spaces of exhibition: Tonitza Gallery (artists: Andrei Nacu, Mihai Nistor, Andrei Venghiac) and Cupola Gallery (artists: Bianca Basan, Lucian Bran, Nona Inescu, Alex Maxim, Andrei Nacu, Mihai & Horațiu Șovăială, Andrei Venghiac) were open to the public on May 20, 2010, at 18.00, and they were available until May 30, 2016, between 11.00-17.00.

This project was included in the framework of the “Biennial of Contemporary Photography and Moving Image CAMERA PLUS”, organized by the Centre of Contemporary Photography, Iași, Romania, in May 2016.

CAMERA PLUS. Biennial of contemporary photography and moving image, Iași, May 18-30, 2016


A photographic moment is an effect of a cause. Something had to happen in order to be consciously captured. The event is not necessarily happening in front of the camera, but can also be produced in the mind of the beholder, through compulsive gazing. Each image is a transcription of an event and incorporates a melancholic fascination to recover an image of the past. The photographic reproduction analyzes what is left visible, and transforms the past into a ‘social object’ around which a silent conversation happens, and which facilitates an emotional transaction of actual experiences. The exhibition “Events with No Cause” is an ensemble of re-produced, self-created or found scenarios on how to interpret the present. Contemporary art practices that are selected here exemplify methods for instrumentalizing the photography and the moving image, using aesthetic seduction and the interrogation of the politics in negotiating the experiences of the past, the moments of the everyday life, and the personal narratives.

Click here to download the brochure of „Events With No Cause (I, II)” exhibition, curated by Lavinia German, in PDF file format (16 pages, A5, color).

Images gallery from „Events With No Cause (I)” exhibition: